Sherbourne | Light Grey & Dust Grey

It is November 2019 and we called in to see David and Steve at LDC. It is over two years since we had our kitchen installed. We wanted to express our continued joy and the satisfaction we feel about the quality and design of our kitchen and invite them over to see it. Who would have thought that by adding a wall actually creates more space? Well this is a design element that Steve created for our new kitchen and answered a nagging issue my partner and I had regarding potential kitchen layout. A wall was installed under the sloping ceiling and custom sized to house our new fridge-freezer, thus freeing up space in the main floor layout. Each time we return home after being away, it is always ‘up lifting’ to open the door and walk into a welcoming and functional kitchen that still makes us smile. Steve, came to visit and took these photographs. Chatting about how comfortable we feel in it, I shared that there are only three things we would change (hindsight), which comes from the reality of using it daily. The breakfast bar was a new feature for us and we didn’t realise how much we would use it. Our two original bar stools (purchased independently) are worn out, so investing in some better quality ones is now on our list. I would also prefer one of the under-cupboard switches to be more central to the breakfast bar, so I don’t have to walk around the counter to switch it on (woe is me) and finally a suggestion to ‘Master Class’ drawer designers to enable flexible selection to facilitate a variety of utensils, my tea spoons are lost in the large void! So really, we have our perfect kitchen. Maria & Neil

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